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Bay Cities wholesale bread bakery in Los Angeles offers a vast selection of different bread types for any of your business' needs. Whether you need submarine sandwich rolls, hamburger buns, sliced breads, or custom-made bread orders, we've got you covered! Browse through our selections and contact us for more info!

Submarine Sandwich Rolls

Submarine Rolls are the perfect selection for building submarine sandwiches. The soft and smooth texture of the bread complements a variety of ingredients for any classic sub! Most of our wholesale bread submarine rolls are available in white or wheat bread selections.

The Torpedo Cut Roll

The Chuck Roll

The Pastrami Roll


Sliced Breads

Sliced Breads are extremely versatile products. They can be used at sit-down venues as complements to main dishes, toasted, or sold as whole loaves by your grocery store! There's been nothing better since sliced bread!

Pane Di Casa

The Sliced Sourdough Loaf

The Sliced Rye Loaf


Specialty Breads

Specialty breads are some of our most enjoyable products. Made for your custom bread order, these breads can be baked upon request and are often used to complement meals.

Twist Roll

2" Dinner Rolls

Focaccia Bread


Hamburger Buns

Hamburger buns are breads that need no introduction. Whether your business needs small, large, wheat, white, sesame or plain, we're certain to have what you're looking for! Browse through our most popular wholesale hamburger buns below.

Wheat Hamburger Bun

White Hamburger Buns

Hot Dog Buns

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