Submarine Sandwich Rolls


Submarine Rolls are the perfect selection for building submarine sandwiches. The soft and smooth texture of the bread complements a variety of ingredients for any classic sub! Most submarine rolls are available in white or wheat selections.

The Torpedo Cut Roll

The Torpedo Cut Roll is one of our most attractive breads - perfect for your cafe or restaurant's visual appeal! The cuts in the top of the roll are primarily aesthetic and give the bread an artisanal feel. The Torpedo Cut is available in white or wheat bread and lengths ranging from 6" to 18".

The Chuck Roll

The Chuck Roll is ideal for hot sandwiches and is very popular amongst our Philly Cheesesteak customers. It is rolled in rice flour to give it a rough, hearty feel. It is available in 3" to 9" long in both white and wheat.

The Pastrami Roll

The Pastrami Roll is one of our most popular selections for French-dipped sandwiches. Additionally, the soft, chewy texture and the resilient roll make them a great choice for meatball, pastrami, or sausage sandwiches. At the end of the day, Pastramis are a great roll for any submarine! Pastrami Rolls are a wide 6" roll and come in both wheat and white.

The Torpedo Roll

Torpedo Rolls range from 6" to 18" long. Torpedos are classic selections for building submarine sandwiches. The durable yet soft textures, in addition to the variable lengths of the rolls, ensure that any submarine's needs are met! The Torpedo Roll is available in white or wheat.

Big Bread

Big bread is most often used by customers for catered events or parties. These torpedo rolls are custom-made for your order, and are available from 3 to 6 feet long. These rolls are an attractive way to showcase your buffet sandwich line!

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